Types of Medical Spa Services in Deland

The first thought that comes to mind when hearing the term spa is often relaxation and rejuvenation. But did you known that there are spa treatments offered that can benefit your health? When you choose medical spa services in Deland, you are taking the first step towards relaxation and better health. Some of the medical treatments offered include salt room therapy, cosmetic and laser procedures, lymphatic drainage massage, hot stone massage, and saunas.

Salt Room Therapy

Salt room medical spa services in Deland can treat a wide range of ailments. You will sit in a halochamber for approximately forty-five minutes to an hour for your treatment. The halochamber contains microscopic salt particles and a high level of humidity, so that the salt may travel through the air. When inhaled, salt releases negative ions that reduce stress and headaches, improve mood, stimulate the lining of the airway, improve immune response, and encourage the clearing of mucous. Salt room therapy is an all-natural treatment that is believed to manage and treat conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, seasonal allergies, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, tonsillitis, ear infections, and more.

Cosmetic and Laser Medical Spa Services in Deland

Cosmetic and laser medical spa services in Deland does wonders to improve your self-confidence, which can lead to a boost in mood. They can also cut back the time that you need for your beauty regimen each day so that you may spend more time on relaxing activities. Some of the cosmetic and laser medical spa services in Deland include permanent makeup, waxing and laser hair removal, laser Vascutouch procedures, Juvaderm, and Botox.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you have recently had cosmetic surgery or liposuction, then you may be interested in a lymphatic drainage massage from Deland medical spa centers. Lymphatic massage stimulates the lymph system using very light massage techniques. Some of its other benefits include reduction of cellulite, spider veins, and scar tissue, detoxification, and relief from redness and acne.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a deep form of body massage. A massage therapist will use hot basalt stones and place them on your body. They may also use the stones to massage you. The warm stones relax the muscles of the body and allow for a deeper massage treatment. This can be beneficial to back pain and high stress levels. If you do have a back condition, be sure to mention it to your masseuse beforehand. Hot stone massage should not be used if you have certain back ailments.

Sauna Medical Spa Services in Deland

There are many reasons to choose sauna medical spa services in Deland. Saunas offer numerous benefits to the body. They stimulate the apocrine and eccrine glands to produce sweat. When these glands are stimulated, saunas can promote detoxification, encourage heart health, dilate the capillaries around the heart, alleviate the symptoms of musculoskeletal pain and rheumatoid arthritis, treat skin conditions, manage depression, and more. Spas offering sauna services such as Amabella Wellness Spa in Deland can help you heal.


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