What To Look For In An Exotic Veterinarian

If you have a dog, cat or even a hamster, it is easy to find a veterinarian to take care of their needs. This is not the same if you have an exotic animal. Even finding in Florida, an exotic veterinarian can prove to be a challenge. Before you decide to opt for any veterinarian, it is important to make sure they are the right choice. This is no different when it comes time to find an exotic veterinarian.

How to Find the Right Florida Exotic Veterinarian? Ask the Right Questions
Not all veterinarians, for exotic pets or regular domestics, may be right for your specific creature. In order to find the right Florida exotic veterinarian, you need to ask the right questions. The following ones can act as a basic guide:

1. How many and how often has the veterinarian treated [put your type of exotic animal here]? It is important your veterinarian has more than a passing acquaintance with your favorite ferret, turtle or snake. This will give him or her some basis on which to note their health or lack of same. It may also help them identify species specific health problems.

2. Can the veterinarian clinic or office handle the exotic animal? Are they set up with the right cages, examination tables and technology? Do they, for example, have the right size scales for weighing tortoises or snakes? Can you leave them their knowing they won’t escape or be harmed because they are residing in some make-shift container?

3. Can the clinic’s crew at all levels comfortably handle the exotic species of your choice? This includes vet techs as well as all other support staff – not just the Florida exotic veterinarian.

4. Does the clinic offer any form of emergency services? Will they be available when you need them? Does the staff remain on call or onsite during the hours after regular admission? It is important to keep this in mind since an emergency option may not be able to address the needs of an exotic pet.

5. What type of reputation does the clinic or Florida exotic veterinarian have? You can check on line. Several sites post reviews on the quality and type of services supplied by veterinarians.

Finding a Florida Exotic Veterinarian?
If you have an exotic as a pet, it is never easy to find the right veterinarian to treat him or her. You may be forced to work with regular veterinarians. In Florida, an exotic veterinarian may be available. It is up to you, however, not only to find this vet but also to make certain you, your pet and your veterinarian are the right fit.

If you are in search of a Florida Exotic Veterinarian, you can rest assured, you will find one working at the Argyle Animal Clinic. We are equipped to take care of ALL types of pets. In fact, not only do we provide the best of medical support for them, we actually care about all our clients: no matter how many “feet” they may or may not have. To discover more about who we are and how we can help you and your chosen companion, visit us online at

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