What is polished concrete?

Concrete is a very popular construction material that is often used for flooring with spaces with high volumes of foot traffic, but it can appear to be a little rustic when not polished. Fortunately, there are concrete floor polishing services available in Newark, NJ. When used as a floor, polished concrete is relatively inexpensive, requires little maintenance and is tough and durable. Typically, you will find this type of flooring in warehouses, retail stores, basements or lobbies of large buildings.

Concrete polishing is done with a special grinding machine. The machine has a diamond-encrusted wheel that, due to its resistant nature to wear and tear, grinds a concrete surface very effectively. In Newark, NJ, concrete polishing begins with a coarse grinding wheel. As the process continues, the amount of grinding that is needed varies depending on the floor surface as well as the intended look. It may take three or four passes to get the desired look. Once this is finished the concrete pores are sealed with a hardener.

Once the floor is dry it is ground again, this time using a grinding disc with finer grit. This phase is the actual polishing of the floor and it is done as many times as necessary to achieve the desired look. Once the floor meets the requirements, it is then sealed to protect and maintain its looks and durability. Once the grinding and polishing has been completed, the floor will have a distinct look and the surface will be very smooth, glasslike appearance with the ability to reflect light.

A very competent and high-quality concrete floor polishing company in Newark, NJ is StoneShine. Once Stone Shine experts have finished a job there is very little to do in the way of maintenance of a concrete floor save for a wet mopping every once in a while to wipe away the dirt. Because part of the process is the addition of a hardening solution, a polished concrete floor does not need to be waxed. This floor is resistant to just about everything including scuff marks, stains and other signs of wear that you might expect from other types of floors which take a lot of traffic.

When StoneShine undertakes concrete floor polishing in Newark, NJ, they are both scientists and artists, applying both their knowledge and talents to achieving a high-quality polished concrete floor.

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