Tips for Finding the Right Flower Vase for Your Arrangement

Chances are if you are like most people you have more than a few flower vases hanging around. Many of these have likely accumulated because they came with flowers that were given to you, or because you purchased them and now don’t know what to do with them. For the sake of space, it is a good idea to keep one or two options in each shape, and then discard the duplicates, especially if they have any cracks or chips. The other vases can be used for certain types of flowers; use the tips here to learn what type of flower complements different vase shapes.

Urn Shaped Vases

The ideal type of flower for the urn vase is a tulip or other type of flower that features a supple and long stem. Larger blooms that require room in order to open are another good choice. This works well together since once the tulip stems are cut, they can lengthen as much as an inch and the blossoms will become larger. Tulips will also move to the light and a wide mouth urn will provide plenty of space for these flowers to move.

Bubble Vases

The ideal type of flower to put in a bubble vase is poppies sweet peas or glorioa lilies. This pairing works because bubble shaped vessels that have ruffled, small openings help to control the otherwise unruly bloom. If vine flowers are clustered closely together, they can begin to grow mildew, which is why the bubble vase is such a good option for them.

Cylindrical Vase

This type of vase is right for flowers that feature large heads and bulky stems such as hydrangeas. This works due to the narrow shape and the height of a cylinder, which can help the shrub like looking flowers appear more controlled.

Square Vases

A square vase is ideal for flowers that have straight and delicate stems and heavy heads such as the daffodil or hyacinth. The square vase requires a bloom that is just as graphic. The cone-shaped head of these flowers will soften the compact and angular vessel.

If you are still having trouble deciding what to do with all your extra vases, visit a Flower Shop in Charleston WV‏ to get some expert advice and help. Flowers can brighten your entire home so make sure you make good use of your vases.

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