What is clinical dentistry?

Clinical dentistry involves the in-depth study and implementation of various clinical procedures that are carried out on a patient’s teeth and gums. The majority of these procedures are carried out in a modern Colorado Springs dentistry clinic which is staffed by dentists and dental assistants. The discipline covers a wide spectrum of procedures that go from general check-ups and cleanings through the treatment of gum diseases and restorations.

A typical Colorado Springs dentistry clinic will be staffed by one or more dentists, the dentist may perform general dentistry or they may be specialists. A general dentist is the professional that most people see on a regular basis; this dentist performs examinations, makes diagnoses as well as performing a variety of corrective procedures on the patients. In a general dentistry office one will find dental assistants, hygienists and even skilled technicians who support the dentist.

Tooth restoration is one of the key emphases in a general dentistry clinic. Regardless of how well a person maintains their teeth there is always a chance that a tooth can suffer from a cavity. The general dentist is one who will prepare the tooth and fill it or protect it with a crown. If the tooth has suffered damage in the soft inner tissue and nerve bundle then the dentist will perform a root canal where the nerves are removed.

The practitioners at a Colorado Springs dentistry clinic also emphasize healthy teeth and their maintenance. In many clinics of this nature a dental hygienist will clean patient’s teeth of built up tartar and plaque. The same individual will often educate a patient on the correct ways of dental self-care such as flossing and brushing. Should this hygienist spot any dental anomalies while working with the patient he or she will point this out to the dentist who can take corrective action.

Another common procedure that many people elect to undergo is a dental implant. For those patients who have lost a tooth or have advanced decay and the must be extracted, a dental implant is an alternative to a bridge or denture. The implant consists of a titanium “root” which is imbedded into the jawbone of the patient, a crown is mounted on the insert, the result is a tooth which is identical in looks and function to a real tooth.

Although the care of teeth is a large part of what happens in a Colorado Springs dentistry clinic it is not everything. The dentists also care for and treat the gums and jaw bone and offer surgical intervention for such things as the removal of wisdom teeth.

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