What to Expect From a Microdermabrasion Orem UT Procedure

A Microdermabrasion Orem UT spa specializes in removing the imperfections on your skin. The process is simple and doesn’t require anesthesia. You’re in and then you’re out an hour later with beautiful skin. The name microdermabrasion might seem scary, but it isn’t. Here’s what to expect from the procedure:

The Preparation

Preparing your skin for microdermabrasion is easy. There isn’t any prep. You won’t need any shots to numb your skin. You won’t even need any topical skin numbing creams. That should give you comfort right away because you know there isn’t going to be any pain.

The Tool

Microdermabrasion uses a small vacuum-like tool. The tool does several things at once. First it pulls up the skin slightly. Second, it shoots crystals onto your skin. Third, it sucks up the crystals and all the damaged skin with it. The crystals essentially “scratch off” the very top layer of skin where all the imperfections reside. Think of a pumice stone and how you use it scrub off dead skin. This tool does the same thing but removes more dead and damaged skin. Many people say the process feels like a cat licking your skin or like sandpaper rubbing on your skin. It does not hurt, but if you have sensitive skin then the scrapping might be uncomfortable. Visit website for complete details.

The Aftercare

There is usually some kind of healing process after a medical procedure and microdermabrasion does have one. You will have red and possibly swollen skin for a day or two. That’s it. A day of red skin. You might choose to apply topical creams to help reduce the redness and swelling and to put some moisture back into your skin since the tool sucked it all out. The tool removed much of the top layer of skin and your skin will now work hard to rebuild it. You’ll grow new, smooth, and imperfection-free skin quickly.

The Benefits

Why should you try microdermabrasion? You’ll end up with beautiful new skin without pain or long healing times. Since that top layer is gone, your skin will also absorb creams better and faster so it is the perfect time to apply those beauty creams designed to repair, smooth, or heal your skin.

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