Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Flowers in Charlotte, NC

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Flowers

The bridal flowers in Charlotte, NC you choose are a once in a lifetime pick that you should consider carefully. There are many people that plan their entire wedding around their bouquet. Some tips to help you select the ideal bouquet for your wedding day are highlighted here.

Choose the Dress before the Flowers
When you first meet your wedding florist for an initial consultation, you should be sure to bring along a picture of your wedding dress. The design you have selected for your bouquet should coordinate with the details and style of your dress. You need to select a bouquet that will not drown you, unbalance the line or hide the dress silhouette.

Carefully Consider the Size and Shape of the Bouquet
If you have details on the skirt of your dress, it is not a good idea to choose a trailing bouquet. However, if you have a bustle at the back of the dress or a long train, then you may want to balance the appearance with a bouquet that is more dramatic. Additionally, you should not hide the waist of your dress, as this is likely the narrowest portion, which means that the bouquets is more narrow than your actual waist.

Find the Flowers that are In-Season for Your Wedding
When you are selecting your Bridal Flowers in Charlotte, NC you should understand that there are certain types of flowers that are not available during certain parts of the year. This is a consideration that must be made prior to selecting the flowers for your wedding bouquet.

Consider the Color of the Dress
The color of your wedding dress is an important factor, especially when it comes to various shades of creams, ivories and whites. There are such a high number of shades that your florist will be able to recommend the proper type of bloom to work with the exact color of the dress that you have selected.

If you would like more information regarding the bouquet you choose, visit website and learn about the best options that are available for you and your bridal bouquet.

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