Protect a Patient’s Teeth with Quality and Intricately Detailed Dental Crowns

When a patient has suffered from tooth loss or damage to their teeth, a dentist searches for the right treatment plan to help solve their problem. From dental implants to crowns, there are various types of cosmetic dentistry available to help restore a person’s teeth. When choosing the right dental products to repair or restore teeth, it is important to have access to quality dental products. A dental crown is designed to cover a tooth that has suffered damage caused by tooth decay. They prevent the tooth from fracturing and restore function to the tooth.

Types of Crowns

There are two types of crowns available to help strengthen a tooth and treat tooth decay. A PFM dental crown in Bakersfield area is created from porcelain material fused to metal that is used for most restorations. These types of crowns focus on creating a high-quality product that functions well and is esthetic appealing. Another type of dental crown is the full cast metal that uses all metal to create the crown. Full cast metal crowns are produced for its durability and wear resistant that prevents the crown from breaking. These are usually made from gold or precious metals that people find appealing to have placed in their mouth.

Partner with a Trusted Company

Are you looking for a lab to produce the high-quality products your office requires for cosmetic dentistry? Do you want to work with a company that has established a well-known and trusted name in their industry for fabricating durable prosthetics that are aesthetically appealing? Backer Dental Lab is your resource for obtaining the customized products you require to assist each patient in achieving their oral care goals. Whether you require crowns to protect a damaged tooth or dentures for a patient that has suffered from edentulism. You can find the dedicated team of workers that you require.

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