Wondering When to do Septic Tank Pumping in Cedar Rapids? Read This

Waste water flows into the tank on one end and leaves the tank on the other end. Wastewater comes into the septic tank from the sewer pipes in the house. Having a septic system, also known as onsite wastewater treatment system, is an important component of any home. However, with a septic system in place, problems are bound to arise in the long run. It is for this purpose that the preventive maintenance should be carried out in order to remove the solids that settle gradually filling the tank, and hence reducing its efficiency.

Failure of maintaining the septic tank will cost you a lot in terms of repairs when clogging occurs due to escape of solids from the tank into the disposal system. A septic system can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Neglected septic systems pose some of the following problems:


Disposal of non-biodegradable items by flushing clogs the septic tank. Items like sanitary towels, cotton buds, and cigarette butts polythene bags should not be flushed down the toilet to prevent clogging. Trees and also roots growing around the septic tank may also cause clogging and eventually rupture the pipes.

Bad Odor

Excessive grease, cooking oil or food remains that drain into the septic tank cause; blockage that in due time will lead to bad smell. This blockage also leads to overload of the system therefore leading to failure. The system can also be overloaded by excessive water entering the tank. Conserving of water can help solve this problem.

Chemical Component

Chemicals like herbicides, pesticides; and also products with bleach, caustic soda or high component of other chemicals completely damage the septic system. Using these types of chemicals should be avoided.

The septic tank should be pumped out regularly preferably every two to three years. However, caution should be taken during maintenance. Do not enter into the septic tank because it contains toxic gases that can be deadly.

There are many services for Septic Tank Pumping Cedar Rapids IA maintenance.

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