Make Your Life Easier With Permanent Makeup In Miami

While many people associate the use of makeup with purely aesthetic reasons, how we see ourselves can have a very big impact on self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. For many people being unhappy with how they look naturally, without makeup, is an ongoing issue.

For these individuals, or for those that just don’t want to have to deal with daily makeup application and removal, permanent makeup in Miami may be the perfect answer. Permanent makeup is a form of highly specialized tattooing that allows the artist to craft beautifully colored and carefully selected enhancements for your eyes, brows, lips, skin and also for the areola area to provide pigmentation or shape enhancement.

How is it Done?

Not all tattoo artists are trained in the process of permanent makeup in Miami. In general the artist will work very closely with the client, usually over a few visits, to create a natural looking enhancement to a particular part of the face or body.

The process is very similar to a tattoo in that carefully selected pigments are applied just under the skin’s surface. In most cases the artist will also skillfully shade the area so that it looks very natural just as there are subtle variations in shaping and highlighting brows, eyeliner and even for permanent beauty marks.

Is it Only Aesthetic?

While many women, and some men, consider permanent makeup in Miami purely to make their life easier there are also people that undergo the procedure for other reasons. Some types of medications, diseases or health issues may cause natural hair loss, such in the eyebrows, and permanent makeup gives you back natural looking brows that don’t wear off during the day.

It is also not uncommon for people to have asymmetrical or unbalanced features that can be corrected with permanent makeup instead of cosmetic surgery.

Is it Really Permanent?

There are many factors that come into play with permanent makeup and how long the colors will last. The good news is that if there is some fading over time it can easily be touched up and intensified to give you the look you want.

If you have any questions about permanent makeup in Miami give us a call at 305.318.4711. Our trained staff at Salvation Tattoo Lounge can answer any questions and schedule your appointment.

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