Mold Prevention and Mold remediation in CT

Mold remediation in CT is a unique service because it is not only necessary to eliminate the dangers mold can cause to a home but the health of the people inside the home as well. Unlike the damage caused from a fire or a flood, mold is an issue that starts small and builds quickly. It is often unseen, growing in dark corners and inside walls.

Even more worrying is that it does not need a major catastrophe to exist. While many people worry about Mold remediation in CT after their home has experienced a flood, the risk exists all the time. Anything can be the catalyst which begins the problem. A small drip from the plumbing, a basement that is never fully dry or even an especially humid summer.

Preventing mold is a sensible decision because while it may require some investment and effort upfront, it will eliminate the need for expensive and frustrating repairs in the future. There are many things any homeowner can to do to reduce their risk of developing mold and mildew in their homes.

A thorough home inspection is the first step because I will make it possible to identify the areas that need help. Wet rooms can be improved with a dehumidifier, wet basements may need improvements to make them waterproof and provide ventilation that can make it possible for the air and humidity to circulate better.

Repair plumbing issues and clean up any water spills or leaks as quickly as possible. Do not just allow something to sit because you think it will evaporate. Wipe up as much as possible and use fans to quickly dry the remainder of any moisture.

If you do discover mold during your inspection, do not just try to wipe it up and forget about it. It is not possible to simply wash away all mold spores and there is a very real possibility you are not seeing everything. If mold exists on an outside surface, it may also be growing in between walls and in ceilings.

Rather than take a chance, contact AA Asbestos Abatement LLC. They offer Mold remediation in CT as one of their many services. Call them today to see what they can do for you.

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