Experience Tattoos Through a Japanese Tattoo Artist in Suffolk County NY

As tattoo artistry has grown in popularity and acceptance, there are now many styles of tattoos available for people to choose from. One style has been increasing in popularity because of the unique artistic touches and symbolism it brings. Through the expertise of a Japanese Tattoo Artist Suffolk County NY, tattoo lovers can rejoice in knowing their tattoo is not simply a design, but a work of art. Learning about this style of tattoo can allow people to better understand whether or not this is the type of tattoo they would be interested in being inked with.

Japanese tattoo artists have been in practice for more than 4,000 years. Ancient tattoo artists used tattoos as a way to show a person’s social status and to express their spirituality. Today, modern tattoo artists create tattoos with symbolic meaning that runs much deeper than a simple image. Japanese tattoos are often referred to as Horimono or Irezumi.

When choosing a Japanese Tattoo Artist Suffolk County NY, it is crucial a person carefully researches before deciding on an artist. Since the Japanese language has no alphabet and only uses symbols for sounds and phrases, it is crucial the artist has a firm understanding of the Japanese language and its culture so a tattoo does not symbolize something unintended.

Those wanting to use Japanese characters for their tattoo have three choices:

  • Katana was developed by Buddist monks and is considered a masculine character set.
  • Hirigana is a considered a feminine dialect as the characters are flowing and more feminine looking.
  • Kanjii is the most popular set because it offers beautiful characters that originated from the Chinese.

Aside from character tattoos, there are also many design elements that can be used such as dragons, geishas, samurais, ninjas and anime. Working with a professional Japanese tattoo designer will allow a person to make the perfect choice for their tattoo.

To get started on designing your Japanese tattoo, contact Da Vinci Tattoo and schedule a consultation appointment right away. They will help you through the entire process to ensure you end up with the tattoo of your dreams. With a beautiful Japanese design, you will have a memory that will last a lifetime.

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