Proactive Roof Care From The Ice Dam Guys In MN

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Business

The Ice Dam Guys in MN are professionals that can help you in emergency situations in the dead of winter or the early days of spring when you are experiencing problems with water pooling on your roof.

Using Ice Dam Removal Equipment

In these situations the Ice Dam Guys in MN can arrive at your home or commercial building with specialized steam equipment they use to literally melt the ice dam safely and without causing any damage to your singles or roofing material. Once the dam is melted the water will simply run off your roof as intended, preventing the potential for serious leaks and water damage.

One thing that the Ice Dam Guys in MN always talk to their customers about is the importance of not simply getting up on the roof yourself with a scraper and a shovel. Not only are you very likely to damage your roof but it is a deadly place with snow, ice and water that is the cause of a significant number of very serious injuries every year as people slip and fall off their roof during the process of ice removal.

Regular Snow Removal

As the Ice Dam Guys in MN are quick to point out this problem can only occur if there is snow on the surface of your roof. Often this is most problematic on older houses or commercial building with poorly or inadequately insulted attic and roof.

However, simply keeping your roof clean as quickly as possible after a snow can eliminate any chance of ice dams completely. By using a regular roof cleaning service you never have the take the chance or developing ice dams and potential leaks, which is essential if this has been a problem in the home or building in the past.

One common mistake that people make is to assume that on a day above freezing that adding more water to the roof will actually resolve the problem. Often after this is done the Ice Dam Guys in MN have to come in as the leak has progressed from a small issue to a major problem as the amount of water trapped behind the dam has greatly increased.

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