Consumers Turn to Solar Power in Hawaii to Save Money and the Environment

There are more advantages to living in the Hawaiian Islands than just the surf and the beautiful tropical environment. Residents enjoy abundant sunshine, which makes it an ideal location to install a solar power system that will save money and help the environment as well. Electricity in Hawaii costs about three times as much as the mainland. The reason is because Hawaiian electricity is produced using oil. As oil prices have skyrocketed, so have electricity costs. Homeowners and businesses can continue to pay these prices or they can consider the use of Solar Power in Hawaii to save money and protect the environment.

The solar power technology of today can significantly reduce power costs and have now become a viable option for homeowners and businesses. In recent years, the costs of the photovoltaic cells, the panels that collect and convert sunlight into electricity, have gone down, making the installation of solar panels affordable. These cells, which are made of a type of crystallized silicon, convert sunlight into electrical current. This direct current, or DC, is sent from the cells to the home where it meets a converter that changes the DC current into AC Current, known as alternating current, which is appropriate for use in homes and businesses. Since Hawaii has an abundance of beautiful, sunny days, those who utilize Solar Power in Hawaii can really take a chunk out of the expense of powering homes or businesses.

Because of the high cost of Hawaiian electricity, keeping water hot is estimated to account for more than 50% of a home’s electrical costs. Solar powered water heating systems do not rely on silicon panels but on insulated copper tubing and brass fittings as well as anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts for which resist corrosion. The sun heats the water in the tubing which goes into a storage tank, ready to use in the home. Solar water heaters reduce costs to heat water, and solar panels reduce energy expenses, and both are great for the environment because they replace the burning of fossil fuels. Savvy consumers can also receive significant tax breaks from the government when they install solar panels.

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