Save Your Clothing and Your Skin with Water Filters in Ocala, FL

Residents in hundreds of cities throughout the United States experience hard water, which is characterized by higher than normal levels of certain minerals. Though this condition isn’t particularly hazardous as far as being ingested, it can pose a number of issues in other areas. Fortunately, it can also be corrected with the right types of Water Filters in Ocala FL.

Calcium and Magnesium are the most common culprits in such situations, and these minerals negatively affect the way soap and water interact with each other. If you have noticed you need more than the conventional tablespoon of detergent to create enough suds to wash your dishes, you probably have hard water. The same reaction occurs with laundry detergent; if the recommended amount of detergent produces very few suds, hard water is probably to blame.

Aside from the lack of lather, you will more than likely notice a grayish tinge to your clothing after several washes. Over time, the minerals combined with soap particles will also cause greater than normal stress on fabrics, which will cause clothing to wear out more quickly than it should. This same effect could also affect your dishes, leaving them cloudy and eventually etched with tiny scratches.

You may also see the effects of hard water on your skin and hair. You will need to use more soap and shampoo to produce a good lather, and these bath products will not rinse away as well as they should. Since residue remains on the skin, you could experience red, dry, itchy patches. Your hair may also appear more dull and flat than usual. At the same time, your plumbing is also being affected. Minerals build up in pipes, dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters, reducing the life of these appliances and components.

Hard water can be softened by Water Filters in Ocala FL designed to remove the offending elements. Hard water is sent through a tank filled with sodium or potassium coated beads. These chemicals trap calcium and magnesium, leaving sodium in their place. This process results in safely conditioned water. Water conditioners and other treatment products can be purchased from EcoWater Systems whose staff is also skilled in the installation and maintenance of many varieties of filtration systems


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