Heating Installation in San Fernando CA: The Best Energy-Efficient Systems

Your heating accounts for about 30% of your energy bill. Consider supplementing or replacing the heating system with a solar or geo-exchange heating system. The upfront costs associated with this type of heating installation in San Fernando, CA eventually help save more money on your monthly utility bills in the end. These environmentally friendly heating systems will also reduce your ecological footprint and save energy.

Solar Heating Systems

The solar electric panels are still cost prohibitive installments for many homeowners making them less desirable and feasible to purchase just for covering your home’s heating requirements. The simpler and cheaper solution is a solar hot air collector, which is mounted on a wall, roof and even be suspended in your back yard.

Solar collectors have a tempered glass panel, metal collector plate and insulation panels inside an aluminum frame. Electric fans are used to circulate air from your home to the collector and back into your house. During cold climate sunny days, metal plates in the solar collector heat the air and increase indoor temperature reducing some of the energy used by the furnace.

Geo-exchange Heat Pumps

Geo-exchange or Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHPs) are a costly option that should be installed by professionals. GHPs use the constant temperatures found six feet under your home. Since the subsurface is relative cool in summer and warm in winter, the GHP is a viable choice for replacing the air conditioning and heating systems in your home.

Residential GHPs have been in use since the 40s, so they are not novel ideas. However, with technology, these systems are rapidly becoming less expensive and at the same time offering more reliability.

Instead of using air, quality GHPs use water and are sometimes used for the distribution of hot water to the home. Newer models come equipped with two-speed compressors as well as variable fans, which offer additional energy savings and comfort.

In order to choose a dependable GHP, new Energy Start ratings have been introduced. By installing GHPs, you are also entitled to certain state tax incentives and credits. You also qualify for federal tax credit of 30% of your purchase price with no upper capping on the dollar.

Solar and geothermal heating systems are certainly not new ideas to heating installation in San Fernando CA, but they are fast becoming more advanced. Contact Rowland Air for more information.

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