You Can Save Yourself a Lot of Trouble by Having a Plumbing Checkup by Plumbing in Naperville

Plumbing is one of those services that needs to be performed on an inspection basis annually; usually in the spring time before the summer backyard barbecue season begins. If you can picture your yard full of people you invited to come over for a barbecue and beer drinking party, and then your toilet backs up because the sewer line has a clog that suddenly prevents any matter from going to the main sewer line. What will happen is a simple matter of the sewage taking the path of least resistance, and that path is backed up to the toilet and flowing over the rim out onto the bathroom floor, and you can guess where it travels from there.

Waste water lines can become clogged from tree roots that traveled 100 feet from your neighbor’s property to bust into your line seeking water. Roots can breakup clay pipes, they can enter the joints of plastic pipes or even crush the plastic pipe. Older homes in the Naperville area are prone to having weakened sewer lines because of the age of the clay pipe or the rusted out cast iron pipe. If the tree is in your yard, then the roots will be even stronger. Sadly, you will not get any warning except you may notice the drains working more slowly. You can rest with the assurance that your waste water line is clear when Plumbing in Naperville runs a TV camera through the line to detect any of the following:

1. Broken pipe pieces in the line forming a trap for the waste.
2. Tree roots that will soon become a problem.
3. Walls of the sewer pipe that are lined with waste and a hard shell has fromed.
4. Broken pipe unions that are allowing waste water to escape and contaminate the ground.

Of course a major clog forming is an immediate threat to your sewer line. However, Plumbing in Naperville has power rodding and power jetting equipment to clean out the pipe and render it safe for some time, although it is recommended that power jetting be done yearly. If a portion of the pipe needs to be replaced, then plumbers can do this without ripping up your yard.

Why not have a plumber come out and check your plumbing in the areas where problems are known arise?

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