Divorce and Common Law Marriage in Colorado Springs CO

Can there be a divorce if there is no formal marriage? In a dozen states in the U.S. the answer to that question is, “Yes”. Although common law marriage is pretty much a legal relic these days, it is still recognized in Colorado, which means that if a couple is holding out to the community as being married, it will take a legal divorce to dissolve the relationship. The tricky part here is the vagueness of the concept of “holding out to the community as being married”.

If you tell people that you are married, file joint tax returns, or list each other as “spouse” in insurance policies, that’s all it takes for you to be considered in a Common Law Marriage in Colorado Springs CO and will be afforded the same benefits as other married couples. Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific time period required to be considered in a common law marriage. This means that a divorce will need to granted to end the marriage and that there will still be division of assets and debts, alimony, and child support and visitation issues that need to be dealt with.

Experienced attorneys realize that in a divorce, common law or otherwise, a household is being split up and individuals’ futures are being affected. This responsibility is taken very seriously and that is why is is vitally important that any negotiations are as fair and amicable as possible. Divorce is a very stressful time and because of that, the parties may engage in negative and hurtful exchanges. To circumvent that occurrence, a divorce lawyer will usually make it clear that all divorce-related communications take place through the legal representatives. Naturally, parents are still allowed to communicate with each other about any child-related issues, but even then, extreme care needs to be exercised.

Common Law Marriage Colorado Springs CO is looked upon the same by the courts as any other marriage, and the laws regarding divorce are the same. They require the same legal steps be taken and this means that attorneys should handle all aspects of the proceedings. Royal A. Martin PC will be happy to represent you through this process and will devote himself and his experience to trying to secure a favorable outcome for you. For more information regarding his practice and experience, Visit the website.

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