To See If You Have a Case, Find The Best Wrongful Death Lawyer in Topeka, KS

The tragedy of losing a loved one in an auto accident or as a result of medical malpractice is unrelentingly haunting. It doesn’t improve the mood of the situation when the insurance companies or the parties involved either does not want to pay or is slow about putting it into action. In such cases, you need a lawyer who will ensure that it is put into action. Your loved one may be the victim of wrongful death and you might have a case. Smith Law Firm, Attorneys-at-Law gives you information on determining if you have a case.

When a person dies because another person, business or some other type of entity, such as a defective product, was at fault, that is considered wrongful death. Wrongful death cases include various types of situations, from negligent automobile accidents to medical malpractices to malfunctioning equipment. If there is a case, it must be filed by the representative of the surviving relative or legal kin of the deceased, usually an executor of the estate or perhaps an attorney. The survivors are legally called “real parties in interest” and includes immediate family members, distant family members, life partners, putative spouses (which means practically a person who believes they had good reason to think they were married to the individual), parents of a deceased fetus, and basically anyone who was financially dependent upon the deceased, although these terms and conditions vary from state to state.

The laws concerning just who can be sued are vast and include people who were directly involved in the deceased’s demise or someone who was inadvertently connected, such as a manufacturer who built a defective part on an automobile involved in a fatal crash, or perhaps the bartender who sold the alcohol to the drunk driver who killed your loved one. To really be sure if there is a case, if you are in Kansas, Find The Best Wrongful Death Lawyer in Topeka KS.

Smith Law Firm understands the pain, loss and range of emotions involved when you lose a loved one. They are experienced in wrongful death claims. Other services they provide are personal injury claims, surety litigation, business disputes and many others. When you need to Find The Best Wrongful Death Lawyer in Topeka, KS, or Manhattan, KS, consider Smith Law Firm, Attorneys-at-Law.

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