Which Hair Extensions Work Best for Your Hair Type?

Many women in Denver turn to extensions to add extra length or added volume to their hair. Done properly, hair extensions are a natural-looking way to achieve these goals almost instantly. However, you should choose the right type of hair extensions and application technique for the best-looking results. The best way to do this is to look at the overall texture, thickness and quality of your hair. Below are the best types of Hair Extensions in Denver for different hair types.

Fine or Thin Hair

The challenge with fine or thin hair is finding extensions that won’t weigh hair down or damage delicate locks. It can also be difficult for many types of extensions to stay put in fine hair–some extensions can easily slip out. For natural-looking results that aren’t damaging, try micro-ring or micro-bead extensions. The tiny connectors are small enough to stay hidden in thin, fine strands, and the glue-less application process won’t damage your hair. Stay away from weave-in or taped extensions; these techniques can weigh down fine hair so that it loses more volume.

Curly or Coarse Hair

The best choice for curly or coarse hair, especially African-American hair, is a weave-in extension, according to Allure magazine. This type of hair has the texture needed to support the braids that attach the extensions. When applied properly to coarse or kinky hair, weaved extensions look natural and a last a long time–around 3 months with proper care. As an added bonus, weaved hair extensions are highly economical.

Damaged Hair

With dry or damaged hair, it’s important to choose an extension technique that is gentle and lightweight. Many types of extensions also add a lot of extra weight, and damaged hair is prone to splitting and breaking under these conditions. Bonded extensions are a good choice if they’re applied using a cold-fusion method–traditional heated bonding can cause more damage. Micro-bead or micro-ring extensions can also work well in damaged hair. No matter which type of extension you choose, make sure to find a stylist who specializes in Hair Extensions in Denver. An inexperienced stylist could end up causing further damage to your hair.

Choosing a hair extension technique that fits your hair type is crucial if you want natural, attractive results. For the latest extension techniques performed by experienced stylists, visit Veda Salon & Spa in Denver area.

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