Structured Settlement Loans Can Save the Day!

Everyone knows just how frustrating it can be to fall ill or to become the victim of injury.  To be an energetic and active person one day then a limited and recovering patient the next can be a very difficult experience not just physically but also emotionally.  Fortunately, justice is normally served through some sort of monetary settlement to help overtake the legal fees, medical bills, and loss of resources.

A great many settlements negotiated by the injured with the defendants (normally an insurance company) take on the form of a structured settlement where the injured is paid a set amount each month for a period that covers the compensation in total.  In theory, this is an excellent way for the injured to receive additional income on a regular basis while not having to be concerned about the investment of a lump sum.  Though structured settlements are an excellent form of compensation for some individuals, they may not always provide the necessary means depending upon the size of their increments.

You Have Every Right!
If you are not satisfied with your current structured settlement then there is no reason for you to become hopeless or believe that you are trapped.  The money from the settlement is yours and you have every right to it.  However, this does not mean that you can simply walk into the courthouse or insurance agency and demand to change the terms of your structured settlement.  The best course of action for those that wish to either receive a higher incremental payment or an altogether lump sum is to speak with a settlement funding company regarding structured settlement loans.  These companies can help you to receive the compensation you need right now by giving you an advance on the money that would already be yours in the future.

Is This Really a Loan?
Though they are commonly referred to as structured settlement loans it is a bit of a misnomer to actually call them “loans”.  The money itself is already yours but with a structured settlement you must wait to receive it according to a set and agreed upon schedule.  All too often, structured settlements will not be able to keep up with inflation or the everyday expenses and challenges that you must navigate and face.  If this is the case for you, then talking with a professional about a settlement loan for your structured settlement should be a top priority for you.

If you would like to speak with a professional regarding your structured settlement then contact the staff at Resolution Funding.

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