Understanding The Importance Of The Worker’s Compensation Law in Sturgis, SD

Workers compensation is arguably one of the most important types of insurance for any worker. This insurance provides financial assistance to workers who have been accidentally injured on the job. However, this insurance isn’t just for employees. Employers also benefit from the worker’s compensation law in Sturgis, SD. Let’s take a look at why workers compensation is so important for both workers and bosses.

Let’s say you’re working in a warehouse and a pile of crates suddenly falls and causes you to break your leg. This broken leg is going to force you to miss several months of work. What will you do about money in the mean time? Luckily workers compensation is there to help workers just like you. The Worker’s compensation law in Sturgis SD allows your employer’s insurance company to foot the bill. They’ll pay for your visits to the doctor, prescription medication, rehabilitation, and will compensate you for the lost wages you’ve endured while away from work. Insurance like this will definitely help relieve you of some burden.

As you just read, workers compensation isn’t just for employees. Take a look at the previous scenario. What would have happened had the employer not had workers compensation insurance? More than likely the employee would have had to sue in order to get the compensation he or she deserves. These types of lawsuits are very common, and can cost a business a lot of money. Instead of risking your business, it’s best to have workers compensation for your employers.

Although workers compensation is great for workers and bosses, it isn’t something that’s taken lightly. There are several restrictions and requirements that workers must adhere to. For instance, a worker may not be allowed benefits if he or she was injured while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A worker may also be ineligible to receive benefits if he or she acted inappropriately before the incident that caused the injury; this includes things such as fighting and horseplaying. Insurance companies, and employers, are free to challenge claims made by workers if they feel the employee acted irresponsibly. This is why it’s so important for employees to abide by the rules set in place.

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