What You Need to Know When Choosing Cremation For Stonington Funerals

Today cremation is an increasingly popular choice among those who want simple funerals or feel that it is an eco-friendly choice. However, there are also misconceptions about this option, which can cause some to avoid it. When local clients have questions about Cremation Stonington-area professionals, such as Mystic Funeral Home LLC, can provide reassurance, and address misinformation such as:

PRE-PLANNING CREMATION IS NOT NECESSARY BECAUSE IT IS SIMPLE : Pre-planning solves several problems, whether cremation is chosen or not. When clients pre-plan their own Cremation Stonington funeral experts can share their exact instructions with survivors. This eliminates confusion, family disagreements, and decision-making during a difficult time. Clients may also pay for their cremations, in order to spare their loved ones that burden.

CREMATION IS BASICALLY FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SCATTER ASHES: Families or the deceased often plan complete memorials in churches and other locations, even when the body has been cremated. Families may choose beautiful urns, and have the cremains interred in a cemetery. Cremation is also a solution when funerals cannot be held until a later time.

CREMATIONS RULE OUT A VIEWING: Funeral professionals can embalm a body and arrange traditional viewings, even when the deceased will be cremated. This is important, since viewings allow families and loved ones a chance to pay their respects and to get closure after a death. It is also an important tradition for some. Bodies are displayed in ceremonial caskets, and then transferred to a disposable container for cremation.

FUNERAL HOMES PROVIDE FEW SERVICES FOR DIRECT CREMATIONS: A direct cremation means that the body is picked up from the place of death, and then transported to a crematorium. Funeral homes offer this service, and typically provide the container for the body. In addition, funeral-service professionals ensure that all paperwork is complete. They will consult with survivors, offer grief-counseling assistance, and can help family and friends design memorials, among other things.

Funeral experts play an important part in making cremation arrangements. They assist clients to pre-plan arrangements, can help survivors or clients design the exact funeral they want, and can prepare bodies for viewings. Professionals transport the deceased and ensure that all paperwork is completed. They also assist loved ones with memorials.

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