Personal Injury Lawyer in Bellingham, Wa: Different Kinds of Personal Injury Claims

If you were to get in a car accident or you were to get injured while walking through a store, you would not want to waste any time contacting a lawyer. More specifically, you are going to want to consult with a personal injuer lawyer in Bellingham Wabecause you would have to file a personal injury claim in order to get any kind of financial compensation if you were seriously injured in the accident. Automobile accidents and injuries on someone else’s property are not the only reason you would reach out to a lawyer and file a personal injury claim. Automobile accidents, medical malpractice, property liability, wrongful death, and birth injuries are all reasons you would reach out to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bellingham, Wa for help.

What Is Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death?

Medical Malpractice and wrongful death are both cases that will usually occur while an individual is under the medical care of someone. Medical malpractice means that an individual was not getting the medical care they should have and wrongful death means that they died because of it. If you can prove that you or someone you love got sick or injured because of something medical staff did or did not do you would have grounds for a medical malpractice case. If you could prove that someone you love died at the hands of medical staff that did or did not do something they were supposed to, you would have grounds for a wrongful death case.

What is Property Liability?

Property liability just means that you get hurt while you are on someone else’s property. Slipping and falling while you are walking through a store or falling down the stairs at someone’s house would both be examples of property liability. When you get hurt at someone else’s house, they are financially responsible for any injuries you may have suffered.

personal injury cases can be extremely tricky because it has to be proved without a shadow of a doubt that you were hurt through the fault of someone else. The biggest reason why a person filing a personal injury claim needs a lawyer is so they have someone with experience in proving definite fault.

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