Tips For Choosing a Surrogate in California

Surrogacy is a concept for parents to have the children nature denied them, having gained a great deal of popularity in recent years because it gives couples who cannot have a child on their own another option. Once you decide surrogacy is the option you want to take for having children, the next step is looking through the local surrogate mothers in order to find one that is going to work for you. This is a step in the process that should not be taken for granted, as choosing the Surrogate in California for your baby is arguably the most important step because this is the person who is going to carry your child for the next nine months and give birth to them.


The surrogate that you choose should be in good health; someone who is fit both emotionally and physically. Experts suggest that women over the age of 21 are most ideal for this position. You should also see if the woman has given birth to children in the past and whether or not the children were healthy. Either way, you want to make sure that the mother gets checked out mentally and physically by a doctor.


You should avoid a surrogate mother who seems hesitant about surrogacy, making sure you are choosing someone who is completely willing to carry and give birth to a child that is not theirs. You do not want the pregnancy to progress, get your hopes up, and the mother decide they do not want to give you the child when it is born. For this reason, having a contract agreement in place is recommended.

Experts also suggest those choosing a surragate in California hire a family lawyer whengoing through surrogacy. This is someone who would be able to draw up a contract for both the parents and the mother to sign. This contract would state that you are paying for all of the medical expenses and caring for the mother until the baby is born. This contract would also state the mother has to give up all rights to the child to you once the child is born.

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