What you Need to Know Before Hiring an ERISA Attorney in San Diego

If you have been filing for disability and have been denied, then you may be feeling frustrated and confused. Don’t let what you don’t know keep you from getting the money that you deserve. Make sure you arm yourself with the knowledge you need and a capable ERISA attorney in San Diego. Don’t let someone else tell you what you may or may not deserve. Make sure you have the representation and the knowledge you need to ensure your rights are being respected. Before you start the process of filing for your disability claim, make sure you understand the three stages involved with filing a claim.

Present the Claim

The first step is to present the claim to the insurer. They will look at your claim and determine if you are eligible for benefits based on the information that you provide them. This is usually done via mail or electronically, and can take a great deal of time depending on the amount of information surrounding your case. If you case is denied, then you will next have the option of appealing your claim.

File an Appeal

If your initial claim is denied then you have the opportunity to file for an appeal. During this process you can present any new information you may have and resubmit your packet to the insurer. They will review the information and determine if your case was denied for any unjust reason. This includes reviewing the information and the information that was gleaned from the last representative. If your appeal is denied, you will then go to court to settle your case.

Go to Trial

If your appeal is denied you still have the option of taking your case to court. You will need to hire an ERISA Attorney San Diego to represent you so you can rest assured that your rights are being respected. Let an experienced attorney help increase the chances of winning your case. It can help you get the money you need so you can start living again.

Don’t let an insurance company boss you around and keep you from getting the rights you deserve. Take the time to educate yourself on the process of filing for a disability claim so you can make the best choices for your case.

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