Important things you should know about Lung cancer Oklahoma City services

Lung cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in the issues found in the lungs. Lung cancer Oklahoma City provides immediately treatment because when it is left untreated, through a process called metastasis, the growth spreads beyond the lungs. This would be a more dangerous and risky position to an individual.

Main causes of lung cancer include:

Persistent in coughing

Coughing up blood

Harsh sounds when breathing

Changes in the color of mucus

Difficulty in breathing

Difficulty in swallowing

Pain in the chest shoulder when coughing


Chronic bronchitis

Lung cancer cells spreads throughout the body and uses most energy in the body. Some symptoms arise as lung cancer spreads through the body. They include:

Bleeding and noticeable blood clots

Feeling fatigued

Pain in the bones and joints

Weight loss


Swelling of the face and neck

General weakness

Lung cancer Oklahoma City services treat the disease depending on the type of the cancer, age, stage of cancer and health status of the patient. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are the common cancer treatments.

Surgery-If the cancer is in the first or second stage, surgery is the best treatment which it removes the nearby lymph nodes and tumor. It is impossible to treat cancer by surgery if the lung cells have spread throughout the body.

Radiation or radiotherapy- it shrinks and destroys lung cancer tumors. This is done by focusing high-energy rays directly to the cancer cells. After a surgery, radiation can be used to completely kill the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy- this is done by administering drugs that kill cancer cells and prevent them from spreading. It can be used alone or combined with radiation.

Photodynamic therapy-it consists of a photosynthesizing agent being injected to the blood stream a few hours before a surgery.

There are recent developments in the treatment of lung cancer which include gene therapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

The best treatment of lung cancer is by prevention. Ways to prevent cancer include:

Quitting smoking

Avoid exposure to tobacco

Screening techniques are used to find cancer at its earliest stage

Avoiding products such as nicotine sprays, nicotine inhalers and nicotine gum

Minimizing exposure to passive smoking

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