Drug Raid on Pottstown Street Yields Arrest

by | May 30, 2013 | Lawyers

Have you ever noticed that if you learn a new word, suddenly you begin to see that word everywhere? Or, an actor that you haven’t thought about in ages will show up on the news, in a movie you watch on TV, and come up in a discussion with a friend? Or, that once you begin looking around your home for dust, you see dust that was there yesterday as well, but you didn’t really see it until you began looking for it? All of these “coincidences” are examples of the adage that we tend to find what we are looking for. When we look for dust we find it, whereas it remained somewhat invisible before we started looking. Sometimes that can happen when law enforcement officials are investigating a crime – they tend to find the criminal behavior they were looking for. If you have been the target of such an investigation, you could very well find yourself needing a defense lawyer who serves Pottstown, PA.

In some instances it is the case that police conduct an investigation and find just the criminal that is being sought. However, there are other situations in which law enforcement enacts a broader sweep in the hopes that they will find what they are looking for. When such stings, raids, or dragnet operations occur, there is always the possibility that innocent persons can be arrested on criminal charges as well, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, a drug raid was recently conducted by authorities on South Street in Pottstown. During that raid, police confiscated several bags of heroin and crack cocaine, as well as various drug paraphernalia. The raid resulted in the arrest of two men, although charges against the second man were subsequently dismissed.

Unfortunately, situations such as the second man went through are all too common and when they occur a criminal lawyer Pottstown, PA is your best bet at protecting your good name and avoiding the horrific consequences of a criminal conviction. If you have been arrested because police seemed to find what they were looking for because you happened to be where they were looking, your criminal defense lawyer will investigate your case and work to ensure that your rights are protected.

An arrest for criminal charges does not mean you are guilty and it is not a conviction. Get the legal counsel and representation to which you are entitled by contacting a knowledgeable and experienced defense lawyer in the Pottstown, PA, area today. David T. Schnarrs, Attorney At Law will do everything possible in an effort to try to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

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