What You Need To Know About a Speedometer in New Mexico

Has a police officer ever stopped your vehicle on the road and asked how fast you were driving? What is the first thing you look at to help determine your speed? A Speedometer in New Mexico helps you determine the speed of your vehicle. It is also installed on other transportation means such as boats, planes and motorbikes.

How does a speedometer work?

As soon as the vehicle is put into gear, the drive-shaft starts spinning the wheels. The speedometer is connected to the driveshaft using a cable which immediately starts turning, as well. The speedometer cable has a magnet attached to a speed cup which turns at the same speed of the wheels. The spinning magnet rotates in the same direction, creating eddy currents that force the speedy cup to rotate counter clockwise to catch up with the magnet speed. The speedy cup and the magnet have a separation between them. When the speedy cup turns, the pointer dial immediately turns up and points to the speed of the car.

Electronic Speedometers

Speedometers produced before the 1980s have a few drawbacks. First, most of the mechanical parts wear out very fast, which is a factor that makes them weak. Also, if the speedometer cable malfunctions, the whole device becomes obsolete. However, electronic speedometers have been manufactured to counter these problems.

Electronic speedometers have been manufactured to phase out the mechanical parts found in the traditional ones. For instance, there are small magnetic sensors attached to drive shafts. Once the magnets pass the sensors, a brief electric pulse is generated. The pulses passed are calculated by an electronic circuit which is immediately converted to speed. The instantaneous speed is displayed on the LCD display. Electronic speedometers also double up as odometers since the circuit also counts the number of wheel rotations thereby calculating the overall speed.

Traditional speedometers are slowly being phased out. This is because the speedometer cable can easily malfunction especially with larger vehicles. Electronic speedometers are suitable for both large and small vehicles. Using a speedometer in New Mexico, you can easily calculate the time taken to reach a particular destination or the distance traveled


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