Improving the stability of bio diesel with fuel additives

Bio diesel fuel is fast gaining market share. Bio diesel is a fuel that is created by combining vegetable oil and methanol in the presence of sodium hydroxide acting as a catalyst. In order that bio diesel meets relevant specifications it is necessary that additives be included. Bio diesel fuel treatment in Minnesota can be done at three different stages; the treatment can be carried out at the refinery, in the fuel distribution system or after the fuel is out of the control of the producer. When fuel is treated outside the control of the producer or reseller the products used are simply known as “aftermarket” additives.

  • At the refinery: It is the responsibility of the refiner to ensure that the fuel that is produced meets all specifications that are relevant and that the fuel is suitable for the intended use. There are a number of things the refinery can do; the processes they employ the blending as well as additives.

  • Distribution system: A great deal of fuel is transported through pipe lines; often the operators add an additive that reduces the drag which in turn increases the flow-through as well as corrosion inhibiting additives. There is always a need in the market for product differentiation, thus bio diesel treatment is taking place at the point of distribution.

  • Aftermarket additives: Although the refinery and the distributors do treat their fuel, they do so for either adherence to standards of as a marketing tool. Many users employ bio diesel fuel treatment in Minnesota to meet their own specific requirements and needs. Perhaps the climate in which they normally operate is extremely cold or they need to improve the product quality. A great number of additives are available and many are perfect for specific conditions. De-icers are ideal when there is a problem with fuel system icing.

When using bio diesel fuel treatment additives they should be used as recommended by the supplier as well as the engine manufacturer.

EnerBUrn is a bio diesel fuel treatment in Minnesota that enhances combustion which in turn reduces pollutants in the exhaust as well as reducing the cost of fuel. For more information you are invited to contact Fuel Solutions.

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