Virus Removal in Alsip IL: Different Kinds Of Computer Viruses

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Computers

Computer viruses are software programs which are designed to spread from one computer system to another as well as interfere with the functioning of the computer. Some viruses can adversely affect or cause serious harm to the program as well as performance of the computer, while others only replicate and do nothing else. There are different kinds of viruses and they can be grouped according to their mode of operation, origin, where they hide, the kinds of files that they infect, the type of harm they cause, plus the kind of operating system they attack. Here is a look at some of them.

Memory resident viruses are viruses that fix themselves within the memory of the computer and get activated when the operating system runs. The viruses then infect all files which are opened. This kind of virus usually hides within the Random Access Memory and remains there after the malevolent code is executed. It can corrupt programs and files which are opened, renamed, copied, closed, and so forth. Examples include CMJ, Randex, MrKlunky, and Meve. You can get rid of this kind of virus by installing an antivirus program or contacting a reliable Virus Removal in Alsip IL Company like BLH Computers.

Direct action viruses are viruses that replicate as well as taken action whenever they are executed. Whenever a particular condition is met, the direct action virus will infect files within the folder or directory that are specified within the AUTOEXEC.BAT file path. These viruses keep moving from one file to another when the code is run, however are typically found within the hard drive’s root directory. Essentially, it’s a file-infector virus. You can remove this kind of virus from your computer by installing an antivirus program. Nevertheless, direct action viruses have a negligible effect on your system’s performance.

The boot sector virus affects your hard drive’s boot sector. This is an important part of the hard drive, wherein information about the hard drive itself is stored together with a program which makes it possible to start (boot) the system from the hard drive. A dependable virus removal in Alsip IL Company can help you get rid of this kind of virus from your computer. There are several other computer viruses which can possibly infect your digital data. Thus, it is essential that you shield your data by installing an authentic and quality antivirus program.


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