What to Expect with Pennsylvania CDL Training Programs

CDL training courses are offered by hundreds of training schools across the nation. The industry is growing at a rapid pace, and it is expected to add more than 300,000 jobs by 2020. If you are a graduate recently out of high school, or if you feel like a career change is in order, then a CDL training course might be just what you are looking for. These programs are for short durations, they are inexpensive, and the costs can sometimes be paid by the GI bill, or even by prospective employers that are willing to hire you before your training is actually complete. There is such a need for qualified truckers that many companies are willing to go the extra mile by paying for the truck driver training in Pennsylvania. They do this to have good employees on board, and to fill the shortage of qualified truckers.

Class A CDL Training Programs

While all CDL training programs are different, there are universal things that they all offer. There are a few main types of CDL training programs. A CDL Class A tractor trailer training program will give students the most options upon graduation. The program is comprehensive. Students will have a great deal of time in the classroom, but they will also get an extensive amount of yard and road training as well. This program will give them all of the training that they need to become skilled truckers upon graduation. A program of this nature is usually 160 hours of training, but it is well worth the extra time it takes, to be fully prepared for all trucking careers.

Other Types of CDL Training Programs

In addition to the popular Class A tractor trailer training program, there are also Class B CDL straight truck training programs, and Class B training programs for passenger endorsements that will enable graduates to drive buses and other commercial vehicles that haul passengers. These programs are for anywhere from 40 to 120 hours, depending on the program that you choose. Upon complete of the supervised training courses, students will need to complete and pass the state exam to obtain their CDL license. At the start of the course students will do a certain amount of classroom time, before they take a test to receive their CDL permit. Once this permit is obtained, they will then be able to learn more about yard work and road work.

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