Should You Buy a New Printer in Fairfield County, CT or Repair the Old One?

It’s a common but unfortunate scenario; important papers need to be printed out, but the printer is not responding. After trying to troubleshoot, the printer remains unresponsive and refuses to work. Calling the manufacturer for support is an option, but the printer is older, and it is no longer under warranty. While chasing around looking for a working printer to use, it’s a logical question to ask whether a new printer should be purchased or if a call should be placed for Printer Repair in Fairfield County, CT. Prices on printers have come down a lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth repairing the printer you have instead of running out to buy a new one.

If the printer has always been reliable, and this is the first time it has shown any signs of problems, even though the warranty has expired, it may be worth repairing. Yes, a new printer will come with a new warranty, but that doesn’t guarantee that a new printer will be any more reliable than the old one.

Also, buying a new printer without determining the problem with the current one could be a bit wasteful. Throwing it in a landfill doesn’t seem like the proper decision, especially if it is a higher end model or if extra consumables have been purchased, such as ink and toner. Even when purchased on sale, extra cartridges for printers can be very expensive, and in some cases, cost almost as much a printer would cost new.

Whatever the reason, the best thing to do is have it evaluated by a professional. A professional repair person can evaluate the printer and determine if Printer Repair Fairfield County, CT is a viable solution for that particular printer. It could be something really simple causing the problem, and it will be back up and running in no time. While waiting for a professional to come and repair the printer, don’t attempt to open it or do any repairs to it. Doing so could possibly make the problem worse and some of the inner mechanisms can get extremely hot and cause serious injuries.

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