What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants in Grove City PA Installed

If you and your dentist have discussed having Dental Implants in Grove City PA installed, it would be a good idea to take the time to learn a little more about what you should expect during dental implant surgery. It is almost always an outpatient surgery. This just means that the implants are installed and then you go home. Only in rare cases would a dental implant procedure require inpatient surgery. The procedure itself consists of five stages:

* The damaged tooth is eradicated.

* Your jawbone is prepped for the surgical procedure (bone grafts).

* Once your jawbone has had time to completely heal, the metal dental implant post is installed.

* You will spend the next several months healing.

* Your dentist will install an extension of the metal post and then the artificial tooth.

Unfortunately, having Dental Implants in Grove City PA installed is not a quick or easy procedure. It can take anywhere from three to nine months for the installment to be completed. The bright side is the fact that most of the time is spent waiting and healing. The actual time spent with the dentist is minimal.

Not every patient who gets Dental Implants in Grove City PA installed needs bone grafting. This is a step that would only need to be taken if you do not have a very thick jaw or your jawbone is soft. The grafting is necessary if your dentist decides your jawbone is not strong enough to support the dental implants on its own. Bone grafting is a procedure during which a bone from somewhere else on your body is going to be removed from that part of your body and transplanted to your jaw bone. Unfortunately, it can take up to nine months for your newly transplanted bone to grow to a point of being strong enough to support implants.

Once your Dental Implants in Grove City PA have been installed, it is normal for you to experience the same discomfort you would after any other dental procedure. This could include swollen gums, swollen face, pain where the implants were installed, and minimum amounts of bleeding. The discomfort, swelling, and bleeding should go away within three to five days of the completion of the procedure. If side effects stick around longer than that, you should make another trip back to the dentist.

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