Company Will Install Tin Ceiling Tile in New York NY

by | May 30, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

It was the late 1800s when tin ceilings became very popular. They were made to look like plaster, but these types of ceilings had a much lower price. Many companies located in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio manufactured the Tin Ceiling Tile New York NY residents had installed in places of business, such as restaurants and hotels, along with their homes. Because the panels were lightweight, fireproof and very affordable, they were considered to be a safer alternative to other types of ceilings. Today, many of those turn of the century homes still have that same tin ceiling that was so beautiful so long ago.

Abingdon Construction New York NY travels a radius of 150 miles to repair or replace ceilings in those older homes. As you may already know, the traditional home’s ceilings were painted with a lead based paint. The paint on tin ceilings can be stripped, patched, treated, protected and restored before repainting with a powder coated finish. Finishes can also be hand-painted with a white paint giving the ceiling an expensive, plastered look. A good company will design an entirely new ceiling for one that is in need of restoration.

When you log on to the website and you’re able to view all the different designs of tin ceilings, you’ll realize that calling a company that’s been in business for 105 years knows everything there is to know about tin ceilings. The ceilings never go out of style and because they’re so affordable, the company is receiving calls from all surrounding areas of New York city. They work with people who want one room finished and they work with business owners who want the ceilings in their restaurants to have a unique and classic look and feel to it.

Give the company a call or fill out the ‘contact us’ form located on the website so an associate can call you. Check out all the designs and write down a few of their numbers so the installer who stops by to talk to you will bring samples of those panels you’re interested in. He’ll/She’ll take accurate measurements of your ceiling, talk to you about prices of products, such as cornices, paints, type of design and the style you’ll want for your ceiling. Visit website for more details.

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