Midnight Dental Problems: Top Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist in Long Island

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to excruciating pain from a bad tooth? Dental emergencies don’t happen all the time, however, when they do it is imperative to seek professional help right away. The pain can make it hard to function and could potentially threaten your overall health. Having a qualified emergency dentist in Long Island is imperative for moments when you just can’t wait for your appointment. They provide quick, safe, and effective services that will soothe your oral complications.

Persistent Toothache

One of the top reasons that patients opt to seek emergency dental services is the result of a persistent toothache that does not go away with typical pain medication. Toothaches can be very spontaneous and painful to deal with. Emergency dentists can provide you with dental care right away which might mean providing antibiotics, performing an emergency extraction, or even providing you with prescription strength pain medication to hold you over until your next scheduled dental appointment.


Bleeding or Trauma to the Mouth

Another common reason that you might need the help of an emergency dentist is in the event that your mouth is bleeding. Physical trauma such as falling or getting hit could easily dislodge a tooth which could cause severe bleeding. An emergency dentist can assist in stopping the bleeding by applying pressure to the affected area or with the use of a homeostatic or suturing should it be extensively bad. Allowing bleeding to continue could result in clots which can cause further bleeding later on.

Post Dental Surgery Complications

If you’ve recently had a dental surgery and have suddenly begun to feel complications in that area you may need to seek immediate help. While some discomfort is normal after a procedure if you find that the condition persists and painkillers are not working a dentist may need to check for complications such as jaw fractures and dry socket right away.

Since not every general dentist is an emergency dentist in Long Island you may need to hire another dental professional for the job. They should have services that are offered 24/7 as you need them. Even if you are not currently experiencing a dental emergency, planning ahead is always best so that you’re not trying to look for a professional in the midst of an emergency.

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