What an Arborist Can Do to Preserve Your Trees and Ensure Healthier Growth

Hiring the most qualified tree care arborists in Madison, WI, can help you preserve your trees for the long term. Trees are important for providing additional shelter and preventing landslides, so you’ll want to do everything possible to save your trees from diseases and other problems. Here are a few things that the right tree service company can do for you.

Disease Treatment

From oak wilt to Dutch elm disease, professional arborists know how to treat a variety of tree diseases that often cause fungal and other parasitic growth. Japanese beetles can also be eradicated with the right treatment methods.


Large branches may end up falling, which could put you at an increased risk for injury as well as property damage. Pruning involves cutting back these branches and can also make your trees more aesthetically pleasing. Pruning also provides a way to monitor any disease growth easier.

Root Problems Addressed

Tree root problems could affect how a tree grows and cause it to die prematurely in some cases. Root problems can often be resolved by ECO Tree Company and other tree service businesses through root zone aeration, root collar excavation and decompaction.

Tree and Stump Removal

When a tree can’t be saved or is growing in a way that puts you and your property in danger, removing it may be necessary. The Tree Removal tree care arborists in Madison, WI, can cut down trees in the safest way possible so that no property damage or bodily harm is sustained. The leftover stumps can be ground to prevent tripping hazards and Tree Removalother problems that could arise with continued root growth.

Whether you choose to use ECO Tree Company or another service in your area, you can rest assured that all the work will be done correctly when you hire the right arborist. Having your trees tended to in the proper manner will be an excellent investment for your property.

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