Storm Damage Cleanup In Dunwoody, GA Should Be Performed By Trained Personnel

It’s noble to perform storm cleanup in a yard to save money, but it can be very dangerous. Large trees and branches weigh hundreds of pounds and can easily crush or kill someone. A company that is experienced with Storm Damage Cleanup in Dunwoody GA will have all the tools needed to cut the trees into smaller pieces and lift the limbs or trees from the roof of a home. Another bonus when hiring a tree service is that they offer emergency service 24 hours a day. An individual will not have to wait until the morning to have a tree removed from their home’s roof.

Emergency service is invaluable when there’s inclement weather and a tree or branch is threatening the safety of a home. With unpredictable weather patterns, securing a home as quickly as possible is important.

Maintenance Of Trees

Trees provide a lot of shade and are crucial to the environment. Unfortunately, trees can also cause serious damage to a home when they’re not pruned. A dead tree can cause the same damage to a home as a live tree. Pruning any dead limbs is key to reducing damage to a home or business. Large branches that are hanging down can easily break when snow and ice accumulate. Removing the branches hanging over a structure can reduce the chance of damage occurring.

Cleaning Up After A Storm

Another problem a homeowner can have if they attempt to perform Storm Damage Cleanup in Dunwoody GA is the inability to remove the debris. The large pieces of a tree can be hard to move because of their weight, and if the homeowner doesn’t have an ability to burn them, the waste will remain in the yard and rot. Smaller branches can be put in a chipper and cleared from a property.

Whether a homeowner or business is interested in pruning, maintenance, or storm damage cleanup of trees, they should contact TreeDog Atlanta Services LLC. They offer all the services needed to keep a property safe from falling trees and branches. Their trained technicians can remove branches that overhang the structure without damaging it. Give them a call today.

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