What to Avoid Before Speaking With a DUI Attorney in Kutztown, PA

The moments during and immediately after a DUI arrest can have a huge impact on how the rest of the case turns out. When someone has been arrested and charged with a DUI, they need to speak with a DUI Attorney in Kutztown PA as soon as possible. Until they can speak with the attorney, there are a few things the individual should avoid doing.

Speaking With Police Officers

The accused should say as little as possible during and after the arrest. It’s possible for the police to use anything the accused says in court to secure a conviction. Instead, the accused should state their name and other identifying details requested by the arresting officers. Then, they should invoke their right to remain silent and avoid saying anything further. They can answer questions after they have secured a lawyer and while their lawyer is present, if necessary.

Speaking With Friends and Family

Word will likely get around quickly that the accused was arrested, and they might have many people they know asking what happened. However, it’s usually not a good idea to speak about the case before it’s over. They should say they were arrested but are working on getting a lawyer to help them and then refuse to answer any other questions about the case. Depending on the details of the case, it’s possible police officers will speak with friends and family of the accused and learn what the accused has said to others.

Posting on Social Media

Many people post on social media frequently, but this could be detrimental for someone who is facing criminal charges. It’s possible the police officers or prosecution will look up the accused’s social media profiles to see if they’ve posted a confession or anything that could appear to be a confession. This can be used against the accused in court, so it’s always better to avoid posting on social media until the case is over.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, make sure you avoid the above to minimize the potential for a far more complicated case and one that’s more difficult to defend against. Then, contact a DUI Attorney in Kutztown PA quickly to start working on a defense to the charges. Contact us now to learn more about the help available.

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