Welcome to the Incredible World of the Panel Clip

Where there is a need to hang something to a wall, there is a panel clip to do the job. Clips are designed to attach a panel to another panel. The various designs can accommodate a wide variety of uses. Panel clips, also in the category of Z clips, are simple “snap on” or “slide on” designs. Using an aluminum alloy that provides grater strength over other types of aluminum, the panel clips are strong and lightweight. They are found in the home, in industrial applications, in hospitals, art galleries, and any place where something must hang on another panel.

Factory Uses for the Panel Clip

Functional clips are found on industrial storage units in the warehouse. They are especially strong to securely fasten easily accessible storage cabinets on a wall.
Pane clips “lock” onto a wall panel without adhesives. Shelving units use these clips to quickly secure them to the wall. Panel clips are also used to hang heavy picture frames to display art.

Business Uses

Panel clips are used to secure signage to the wall. Display shelving, artwork, storage units and display cabinets all use various types of clips to secure them to the panel. There are heavy-duty aluminum clips to handle heavy loads and rough treatment.

Custom Clips

Custom clips can be designed to suit any type of custom applications. A die is made to the specified dimensions and the billet is pushed through the die for a precise, high quality piece. Using a finishing saw cuts the piece into the desired lengths. Architects can design special clips for unique architectural “features” to enhance the beauty of their buildings. Engineers can specify a unique use for a clip to support their project. Panel clips are versatile, secure, and reliable to solve any industrial uses for clips.

Why Use Aluminum Extrusion to Produce Clips?

Aluminum alloys are easy to work the metal in the extrusion process. It can be heated at a relatively low 900 degrees F to mold the metal into a loaf (called a billet) that is then pushed through a die. Long slats or rods of metal are produced and can be cut and trimmed by a metal finishing saw. The product is air cured to produce strength and quality fittings with very little fabrication intervention. Custom panel clip production is relatively economical using this process.

Need custom panel clips? Or looking for a special clip stocked in our warehouse? Consult with our specialists at Eagle Mouldings.

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