Truck Wraps: A Good Investment

Trucks offer you the chance to advertise your company, products and/or services. Becoming increasingly popular in accomplishing this is truck wraps. In Long Island, you can see many examples of these devices driving around neighborhoods and parked at businesses. If you talk to those who are using them, they can easily and rapidly provide you with a list of benefits.

Cost and Cost Effectiveness

Cost is one of the reasons why some prefer truck wraps as an advertising medium. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps are a cost-effective means of reaching your audience. They are particularly beneficial for those businesses with small to medium budgets. The OAAA figures indicate that while the average cost for billboard ads is $2.18 per CPM and the cost of a 30-second prime-time ad on a television network is $17.78 per CPM, the cost for vehicle wraps breaks down to only $0.77 per CPM.

What also increases the market worth of van and truck wraps is that the cost is not an initial investment that requires renewal in a day or so or even a month. Wraps are a singular cost – a one-time investment. You cannot find this in any form of traditional advertising. If you want, you can easily, quickly and inexpensively change the wrap. You can also, to try out the medium or if your budget is tight, opt for a half and not a full truck wrap. Whichever you choose, in the end, you have a large portable billboard.

Other Reasons to Use Truck Wraps

Cost and cost-effectiveness are only two reasons behind why many businesses are utilizing vehicle wraps as an advertising ploy. They are drawn to truck wraps because:

  1. Make an effective pitch without anyone saying a word

  2. They have a powerful impact whether up close or seen driving by

  3. Reaches a wide audience that increases the more your drive the vehicle around

  4. Is capable of appealing and reaching people of all income levels

  5. Is able to appeal and be viewed by all ages, all genders and all race/ethnic groups

  6. Can be specifically customized to look and say what you want to represent you, your company and/or services

  7. Pedestrian and motorists both notice truck wraps

  8. It does not matter whether the truck is moving along the highway or standing still in a traffic jam, it is still a portable advertising representation

Truck wraps in Long Island and across most cities in the United States are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. This form of advertising will provide you with the most exposure as well as the greatest return on this type of investment. What is also important about truck wraps as promotional material is its ability to send out its message for consumption whether it is moving along in traffic or forced to idle.

If you live in New York and are considering the benefits of Truck Wraps Long Island offers you the chance to explore the work of many talented designers.

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