Upgrade Your Fireplace With Wood Burning Inserts

Many older homes feature a wood burning fireplace and beautifully designed hearth. However, in a great number of these homes the fireplace is no longer in use because it is temperamental as well as highly energy inefficient. This is where wood burning inserts can be very helpful in allowing you to enjoy your fireplace again.

The benefits of selecting wood burning inserts go well beyond just the enjoyment of your fireplace. They can help you to cut down any existing heat or cold air loss while also giving you the option to burn wood to supplement your existing winter heating system.

This combination can result in very significant savings. Over a couple of years, the wood burning inserts can pay for themselves just with the energy cost savings.

That Real Wood Burning Experience

The new styles of gas burning fireplaces are very realistic and a great addition to any home. However, without the actual burning of the wood there isn’t the crackling, snapping and the smoky effects noted as the fire burns and the exhaust is vented up the chimney.

There is something very relaxing and comfortable with a real wood fire. By adding today’s efficient and carefully designed wood burning inserts, you can eliminate the smoky smell of a natural fireplace while keeping all the benefits.

Air Circulation

Unlike your traditional open fireplace on the hearth, the wood burning inserts have special glass doors and a circulating fan to provide both radiant heat as well as circulated heat throughout the room. Most of the top models will have variable speed fans, allowing you to turn the volume of heated air circulating in the room up or down with ease.

As the wood burning inserts fit into your current fireplace, they are very low cost to install. A specialized liner will also fit into your existing chimney to eliminate heat loss or cold air loss and to also allow full control of the burn.

With the new wood burning inserts available you will notice that the exterior of the unit stays much cooler than the area immediately around your traditional fireplace. This is not only an added safety feature, but it also makes it easier to control the temperature in and around the fireplace.

Rather than just leaving your old fireplace unused, consider adding wood burning inserts to give it new life. You will enjoy your fireplace once more without any of the problems of old styles of wood burning fires.

We sell several different types of wood burning inserts in various styles, door designs and with different finishes and features.

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