Tips For Choosing The Right Diamond Polishing Pads

Industrial diamonds have been used for a very long time to provide a uniform polish when applied to both wet and dry polishing pads. The most common use for diamond polishing pads are for concrete, granite, marble, travertine and other less commonly used natural stone floorings and countertops.

Choosing the right diamond polishing pads for the job is very important. Not only will it ensure the desired finish but it will also help to provide the best life of the pads. It is also important to consider a wet or dry polish method and to choose the pads accordingly.

Usage and Finish Required

With all the different options in diamond polishing pads, it is critical to have a specific pad in mind for a specific use. For example, wet pads are typically used for granite and marble in large sections as well as for high gloss types of concrete countertops. Dry pads can also be used on marble, granite and concrete once installed to create a specific finish.

When there is significant discoloration or wear on the floor, you will need more aggressive or more abrasive diamond polishing pads. For creating a high gloss shine a very fine pad is a better option. The two can be used back to back to develop the desired look while avoiding excessive wear and tear on the pads.


It only makes sense that diamond polishing pads need to be selected based on the equipment you are using and the size of the area. Equipment and pads used on large commercial floors or counters will be very different than the equipment and pads used on a kitchen countertop or floor in a residential setting.

Honing or Polishing

If you look at different diamond polishing pads, you will notice the grooves or channels throughout the pad are different. For honing, which removes the surface layer of the natural stone, deeper and wider grooves are required. This allows a heavier amount of the removed surface material to be moved out from under the pad, limiting wear and tear.

For polishing, diamond polishing pads have narrower and smaller channels. This provides a more uniform surface to come into contact with the natural stone or concrete, giving that lustrous, shiny finish that clients want.

Of course, pricing will always be a factor in diamond polishing pads. Choosing top quality is essential, and cheap pads typically indicate poor quality diamonds in the pad. When the industrial diamonds aren’t uniform in size on the pad, it makes it more difficult to polish a uniform surface.

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