Tips for Using Radiant Gas Logs Columbus Ohio

Nothing is as enjoyable as sitting together with your family members or friends to enjoy a warm, shimmering fire. Radiant gas logs are designed to resemble natural wood and create a semblance of natural burning logs save for the fact that they do not produce smoke like natural wood. Radiant gas logs Greensboro NC fireplaces are designed to burn propane or natural gas in order to produce attractive flames. While many flames are largely meant for decoration, some radiant gas log units also produce heat. Ceramic radiant gas logs can be hooked up to an existing gas igniter in a fireplace or to a new line connected to the firebox. To ensure safety and effective use, the gas logs should be installed in a fireplace that is suited to burn wood. In addition, some types of Radiant gas logs Greensboro NC should always be operated with the damper open so that the resultant carbon monoxide gas is channeled up into the chimney.

It is important to know the different types of radiant gas logs in the market. These are described below:

Vented gas logs:

These logs need a venting mechanism via a chimney or smoke dome. When burning, the chimney damper must remain open and this results in heat loss. Vented gas logs are manufactured using high temperature ceramic materials or concrete. They are mostly used behind protective glass and are positioned directly on a flame pan or fire grate that is covered with a deposit of volcanic pellets to create an impression of natural wood fire. They are suited for fireplaces that are fitted with a gas hookup and can be burned in any Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed solid-fuel-combusting fireplaces.

Vent-free gas logs:

These logs operate with the chimney damper closed to avert heat loss. In such units, oxygen-depletion sensors shut off the heater and gas flow when the level of oxygen in the room is sufficient. An auto-shut-off valve stops the gas flow when the pilot light is turned off or when the gas is disrupted. Vent-free gas logs are placed directly on a fire grate or a flame pan, which is enclosed with a layer of volcanic granules to simulate natural wood fire. They are suitable for fireplaces that have a gas hookup and can be used in all types of AGA-listed of UL-listed vent-free fireplaces.

To brighten up your evening, you do not need to burn wood in this day and age of going ‘green’. Radiant gas logs are not only cheaper than electricity but they encourage environmental protection and are readily available.

Radiant gas logs are suitable for all evening parties with your family members or friends. Learn more about them at The Flame Company.

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