Troubles to Avoid with Your Retractable Awnings

The Awnings Long Island NY homeowners install can be subject to a number of issues. Here are a few ways you can avoid what might seem like inevitable issues with your retractable awning.

High Winds
When the winds begin to howl your awning can undergo a lot of strain and stress. You want to be certain that when your awning is not in use it is retracted just in case the weather decides to turn foul without warning. You can also look for awnings that can withstand wind. There are some options available on the market that will flex with the wind in order to avoid tears and damage. There are even higher end brands that actually have wind sensors and will retract as soon as the wind picks up.

Fabric Fade
Most awnings are made with a durable fabric designed to withstand the elements. However the more care you take with the awnings Long Island NY owns the longer they will last. When not in use you should keep your awning retracted as it will protect it from the sun and fading. Although many awnings will last even if they look faded, they just won’t look very pleasant. As well the sun does not just fade; it can also cause some fabrics to become brittle which means they will be easier to tear.

Jams from Debris
Because your awning is open to the elements there is any number of things that can get trapped unnoticed until you try to retract it. The awnings Long Island NY install should have some form of wiper blade to help remove harmful items of leaves and twigs as well as things such as plastic bags and papers that can jam things up. A wiper blade will remove debris so you can avoid any jams that can lead to damage and breakdowns.

Motor Issues
It is going to be tempting to purchase a motorized awning but keep in mind these can break down. The manual retractable awnings Long Island NY prefers has less chance of running into costly motor breakdowns. However, it you do want the luxury of a motor you can look for the motorized awnings that have the motor completely protected from the elements. This gives you the best of both worlds: low maintenance and low effort.ave

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