Parents Not Receiving Child Support in Hagerstown, MD Need the Best Lawyers

The divorce is over and hopefully any child custody issues have been resolved. Unfortunately, child support problems can drag on and on. Too often, the custodial parent is left struggling alone to provide for the children. There are a million reasons given by non-custodial parents for not paying required child support. They might claim lost jobs, poor health, business problems, the needs of a new family or even doubts about paternity. In some cases, the parent simply leaves the state and attempts to become impossible to find.

The reality that the custodial parent is left dealing with is that the children still need shoes. The rent must be paid and food put on the table. If a second job is necessary, the time for that job is more time taken from the children. The children have already been hurt by the divorce and continuing child support issues exacerbate the situation. Unpaid child support is about money, of course, but it is also about how the children will feel about marriage and parenting in the future.

The best legal representation in child support problems take the time to understand the long term goals. With those goals in mind, a workable plan to rectify the situation can be developed, combining knowledge of the law with the needs of the family. Cases involving children can be very difficult as their lives are affected no matter what the outcome may be. The best family law attorneys understand this and have the compassion and knowledge to produce the best possible outcomes for the family.

The Day and Schiszik law firm stand by their belief in being conciliatory when it is possible and assertive when it is necessary. Keith N. Schiszik is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association as well as the Frederick and Washington County Bar Associations. Mr. Schiszik is a Fellow in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and since 2007, he has been a Super Lawyer. Mary Anne R. Day has been practicing family law for 38 years. She is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association. Anyone having problems getting their Child Support in Hagerstown, MD should consider contacting Day and Schiszik.

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