Brick Pavers in Bradenton, FL

Often, when people have swimming pools, they want to complete the area with a nice deck. There are decks for both in-ground and above ground swimming pools, and these decks can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the customers’ needs and preferences. The style of the deck should fit in with the rest of the property, which often limits people as to the materials that can be used to create their decks. The right deck can really enhance the landscape design, and when professionally installed, will last and look great for many years.

One type of swimming pool deck is made from concrete, which can easily be installed by brick pavers in Bradenton, FL. This is the most common type of material for pool decks, because it matches just about everything, and it is reasonably priced. There are many different types of finishes available, and concrete can come in many colors. It is smooth, so it is comfortable for walking, and it provides a modern look to the pool area.

Another popular material for pool decks is natural stone. This is ideal for those who prefer a rustic or natural look. Natural stone is often used for free-form pools because they blend in with the natural landscape. Some of the most popular types of natural stone for decks are granite, marble, and sandstone.

Brick decks are popular, and come in a variety of colors. These look great with brick homes, and can easily be installed by brick pavers in Bradenton, FL. The one downside to having a brick deck is the heat. Bricks absorb heat, so walking in bare feet can be uncomfortable.

For those who want a unique look for their pool deck, tiles area available. Unglazed tiles are used for this purpose, as glazed tiles are quite slippery and there could be a chance of a slip and fall injury. Generally, tiles are square and available in many different sizes and colors. Many people use tiles to create beautiful mosaics around their pools. To learn more about pool deck materials and installation, contact the experts at Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas.

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