Tips For Buying Hydraulic Hose Fittings From Texas Wholesale Distributors

With the use of hydraulic systems in equipment and machines throughout the oil field industry in Texas and across the country, each part within the hydraulic system has to be up to the use requirements of the system as a whole.

Common Mistakes in Choosing Hose Fittings

A common mistake is to put a lot of thought into choosing the hydraulic motor, pump, and hose, but to forget to consider the choice of the best possible option in hydraulic hose fittings. This is often the case when working with a stocking manufacturers’ representative with a limited selection or a number of options, and to speed up the order the buyer settles for whatever is on hand.

Another common error is to choose the cheapest hydraulic hose fittings. While initially. this may save a very small amount on the order, there can be hidden costs that are substantially higher. Cheap fittings are more likely to have problems with leaks, seal issues or even fitting failures, which can lead to significant problems and even shutdowns that cost a lot more than the few cents saving on the initial purchase.

Think of the choice of hose fittings for hydraulic systems the same way and with the same level of consideration as choosing the hydraulic pump or the specific type of hose in use.

Fittings to Match the Hose

In the oil fields of Texas, high pressures, high temperatures, and also cold temperatures are all factors to consider when choosing parts and components. Many of the specialized types of hydraulic hoses sold for these demanding types of system and environmental conditions are sold with the manufacturer’s recommendation for the use of specific types of fittings.

Some types of fittings, such as the line of Boss hydraulic hose fittings, are designed not only to stand up to the applications but to also create a pressure seal to prevent any loss of hydraulic fluid between the fitting and the hose or the fitting and the equipment.

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