Important Fixes to Make to Your Air Conditioner to Beat the Summer Heat

The summertime can be one of the most uncomfortable seasons to endure. With the intense heat and humidity outside, the only place you may feel truly comfortable is inside in your air-conditioned home.

However, when your AC system starts to malfunction, you may need to make any number of fixes to it right away. With professional AC repair in Vermillion, homeowners like you can ensure the long-term use and function of your central air conditioner.

Refilling the Freon

When you hire a contractor who specializes in AC repair in Vermillion, you may expect him or her to check the Freon in the central unit right away. In fact, checking the Freon may be one of the first tasks this contractor does once he or she arrives at your home. Without the right amount of Freon in the unit, no other repair would be practical to make to the unit.

If the Freon is low, the contractor typically will have the coolant on hand to refill it to the right level. It is against the law for private homeowners to refill Freon in their central air conditioner units because of the damage that this coolant can inflict on the environment.

Changing and Cleaning the Filters

Another reason your central AC may not be working as it should could be because of clogged and dirty filters. If the filters in the ventilation system are full of debris, they cannot pull in and put out cool air. The result is a house that is too stuffy and hot for your liking.

The contractor can clean or change out filters as necessary. Once this task is done, you may notice that your AC starts blowing out cold air again.

A professional AC contractor can make important repairs to your central unit. You avoid having to spend another moment in a house that is hot and uncomfortable.

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