The Marine Grade Aluminum Dock Ladder Offers the Best Durability

When building a marine dock, recreational accessories need to be reliable, durable, and highly resistant to the wide-ranging elements. Older docks created from wood that rots and splinters, or steel that corrodes from rust, will have limited life and use. Currently, the best constructed products that meet the maximum resiliency standards are marine grade aluminum.

Marine grade aluminum is a special alloy composed of pure aluminum with approximately 5% of magnesium added. This mixture offers the greatest strength and the most resistance to corrosion whether used in salt or fresh water applications. This combination of factors makes marine grade aluminum a widely used structural choice when making boats, docks, and water accessories. The strength of the alloy prevents it from deforming, which makes it the best choice for dock ladders. The aluminum is lightweight and can handle substantial weight loads without warping or buckling. It is easy to handle, does not burn, will not rust, and requires very little maintenance. The Aluminum Dock Ladder offers all of these advantages, delivers a much longer product life, and protects the financial investment.

Marine grade aluminum dock ladders come in an assortment of choices that will fit the requirements of the dock structure. The ladders are available in various sizes and offer features to help the user get in and out of the water easier and more safely. Ladder steps come in measurements of 1′ and can be as short as the 2-step model, or as long as the 8-step model depending on the size needed. To reduce slippage and offer better footing, grooves on the step increase safety and hoop style handles provide better hand gripping.

Three types of ladders are available for easy access to and from the water. The Straight Ladder is designed with no moving parts and is bolted to the dock. A Swing Ladder permits the bottom section of the ladder to rise up by a quick release pin to allow removal and storage out of the water. The Step Lift Ladder provides a rung hangar that allows the ladder to be retracted from the water line to prevent marine growth caused by long-term contact with the water. Whatever the size of the dock, an Aluminum Dock Ladder offers the greatest durability for the recreational investment.

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